Round 2 of Shots

May 28, 2009 § Leave a comment

FINALLY! Marley is asleep. Whether it is for the night or not has yet to be determined.
So we decided on a delayed vaccination schedule (despite the subtle and not so subtle hints from friends and families that babies without vaccines die before they reach the age of two). And Marley went for the second time in her whole entire life for shots.
The shots themselves weren’t so bad. She took them like a real trooper – just a minute of crying and she was all better with kisses. It was the rest of the day that had me pulling my hair out. Crying, not napping, napping, crying some more, yelling, crying, napping, yelling, clapping, laughing, SCREAMING, crying, fussing, clapping, crawling away, throwing body into the couch, crying, fussing, yelling, napping…and so on and so forth until finally she passed out with much rocking, a pacifier and CNBC’s Marijuana Inc special playing in the background.
No school work was accomplished today despite the fact that I NEEDED to go to the Hare Krishna temple and photograph a class with my documentary photography subject and I NEEDED to write a biography about Mary Ellen Mark and find a photograph of hers that I liked and I NEEDED to shoot a photograph in the same style as Mary Ellen Mark (who my teacher had confused with Diane Arbus)…
But Micah just brought me a glass of wine and we toasted to the best baby in the world, so who am I to complain?
The baby’s sleeping, I’ve got a glass of Chardonnay, Micah is home – can life get any better?
So, I guess I should go write my biography on the fabulous Mary Ellen Mark and worry about the rest of it tomorrow. No sense stressing today what can be fixed tomorrow.


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