To Go Green?

August 28, 2009 § Leave a comment

Ugh. So I absolutely HATE how trendy that phrase is. “Going Green” … just the sound of it makes me shudder and puts my gag reflex up.

However, I am becoming obsessed with the healthy things for my kid and my planet.

I really, really, really want to cloth diaper Marley. I just really, really, really don’t have the money to invest in it.

I will be switching to homemade cleaning products and natural home cleaning methods with our next trip to the grocery store – because it’s cheaper and safer for my oh so sensitive toddler.

I contemplate organic toys. And if they weren’t so ridiculously over-priced, I would buy them.

I am already a proponent of thrift store recycling of everything from clothes to toys to furniture. In fact, pretty much everything I buy for the punkin head comes from a thrift store.

I want to buy organic food and promote a healthier lifestyle, but I loathe cooking and again, we barely scrape by month-to-month with the grocery bill.

I just think that we can treat this planet better than we do. I think we have to keep moving forward and keep educating kids in how to make this place we live better. That’s how the next generation progresses. It wasn’t all that long ago, that I was sitting on the gym floor learning about water-efficient shower heads and CFL bulbs, concepts that were in a complete foreign language to me. And as my generation came of age to purchase such things, they were all the rage. We couldn’t convince our parents at the time, but we remembered. We made it matter. And I’m proud of that and proud of the adults that sat us down and drilled it into our heads. And now everyone knows how much better it is to watch water levels and what kind of light bulbs we use.

Now, to make it work in my own financially strained life. Baby steps for me, but I’ll get there eventually. And some day I’ll hopefully look back and say “I can’t believe I used to do that!”

So let’s try to reverse some of the waste that this planet produces! Let’s hug a friggin tree every now and again! Let’s pay attention to how much energy we’re wasting!

That’s all for me. Hopefully I’ll keep this blog a little more updated and I’ll be able to track exactly where I came from and how far I go.


Round 2 of Shots

May 28, 2009 § Leave a comment

FINALLY! Marley is asleep. Whether it is for the night or not has yet to be determined.
So we decided on a delayed vaccination schedule (despite the subtle and not so subtle hints from friends and families that babies without vaccines die before they reach the age of two). And Marley went for the second time in her whole entire life for shots.
The shots themselves weren’t so bad. She took them like a real trooper – just a minute of crying and she was all better with kisses. It was the rest of the day that had me pulling my hair out. Crying, not napping, napping, crying some more, yelling, crying, napping, yelling, clapping, laughing, SCREAMING, crying, fussing, clapping, crawling away, throwing body into the couch, crying, fussing, yelling, napping…and so on and so forth until finally she passed out with much rocking, a pacifier and CNBC’s Marijuana Inc special playing in the background.
No school work was accomplished today despite the fact that I NEEDED to go to the Hare Krishna temple and photograph a class with my documentary photography subject and I NEEDED to write a biography about Mary Ellen Mark and find a photograph of hers that I liked and I NEEDED to shoot a photograph in the same style as Mary Ellen Mark (who my teacher had confused with Diane Arbus)…
But Micah just brought me a glass of wine and we toasted to the best baby in the world, so who am I to complain?
The baby’s sleeping, I’ve got a glass of Chardonnay, Micah is home – can life get any better?
So, I guess I should go write my biography on the fabulous Mary Ellen Mark and worry about the rest of it tomorrow. No sense stressing today what can be fixed tomorrow.

Another Day, another…day?

April 21, 2009 § Leave a comment

SSDD – right?
I supposed. Marley is feeling under the weather and has been napping off and on all day and I just feel terrible about it. I finally ordered photoshop CS4, so a huge chunk of change just came out of my bank account (insert panic here). I hate making huge purchases like that even though I know that I NEED the programs.
I’ve just been messing around on the computer like I do almost every day and thought that I might give this blog just one more chance.


February 7, 2009 § Leave a comment

Today my daughter is wonderful. She’s eating the Cookie Monster off of her walker, yelling at me for no particular reason and refusing to give into sleep.
I love this little girl so much it is unbelievable. Just thinking about how some people lose that love of their family, of their parents, breaks my heart. I hope that I can always remember this moment, how I love Miss Marley Lennon so much that it hurts. She is beautiful, wonderful, amazing.
And curious. Best of all, she is curious. I hope she doesn’t lose that (no matter how much I may regret saying it in the future, I hope she doesn’t lose it).

Political Much?

September 24, 2008 § Leave a comment

I hate watching the news. Not because I don’t want to be informed on what’s going on in the world. I’m not one of those apathetic twenty-somethings that don’t care where this country is going. But I absolutely despise the sheer hatred that I feel for politicians. And when I watch the news, I am only reminded of that hatred.

Now I know that some politicians are kind, good-hearted people who simply want nothing but the best for the greater good. But most are power-hungry jerks. I think most Republicans are heartless and most Democrats are idiots. I am not too informed on political matters but I try to keep up just a little bit. I don’t want to be completely blindsided by the next president, so I try to keep tabs so that I know what to brace myself for. With McCain I brace myself for a life-long war and several more deployments of my brothers and close family and friends. With Obama I brace myself for economic collapse and perhaps the end of the world (if what Micah told me about Nostradamus is accurate).

I suppose what I’m really frustrated about is that the world (according to the news) is preparing to self-destruct and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. I live in Texas so it’s not like getting out there and voting is going to do me any good. No matter how I vote, democrat or republican, Texas will vote Republican – which is kind of screwy if you ask me. Aren’t we supposed to be a democracy? Shouldn’t popular vote be the only vote? I probably wouldn’t be so upset if I lived in a state like Florida that swings every which way, but I don’t. I live in Texas where no matter what I vote, I vote Republican.

All this to say, I wish the war was over. I wish people and investment bankers and the like would use their brains. Didn’t we learn from the crash of ’29? Don’t gamble with money you don’t have? These people should really be attending G.A. meetings. And then maybe they should go to prison to learn their lesson. And hopefully we don’t send out the message that if you risk everything, don’t worry, the government will spend 700 billion dollars to fix your mistake.

It’s a great time to try to make it in the world. And an even better time to bring a beautiful baby into it. At least I’ve got Miss Marley to distract me from all of this nonsense.

Johnny and June

September 23, 2008 § Leave a comment

That just happens to be the name of the song that I’m listening to as I’m messing around on the internet tonight, waiting for Micah to get home.

Marley is asleep in the sling after a fussy spell where she wanted to do nothing except cry and chomp down on my pinky finger.

Today I set up an admissions interview with the Art Institute of Dallas… I’m not exactly sure if I’ll fit in at art school, but I want to give it a shot. And I want it to work. I want to be able to afford it. So hopefully Uncle Sam comes in with some huge grants and loans for the single working mom. I just want to learn.

So that my pictures become photographs.

my marley in her bumbo.

my marley in her bumbo.

I love this kid by the way.

Nothing special this weekend

September 22, 2008 § Leave a comment

As usual. No work. A shopping trip to Target where I bought a Hot Sling so that I can actually get some work done with Marley around. Hands free carrying is the way to go. I get the feeling I’ll be using it a lot. I absolutely love it.

Micah and Marley are watching the Cowboy-Packer’s game. She’s so entertained by her father. The smile she gets when he talks to her is just priceless. I love it!

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