Crap Overload

August 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

So I am about the messiest person I know. I am the only person I know that will let the dishes over run the sink and spill onto the counter tops before picking up a sponge.
I am also the only person I know who does not let people come over to her house on any kind of regular basis because it is very often so messy that you can’t walk five steps without tripping or stepping on something. Something that does not need to be on the floor.
I could blame the toddler. And I could blame the husband. But the truth of the matter is, it’s probably my fault.
The toddler does contribute and the husband does as well, but mostly…mostly it’s just me not picking up after anyone. I wish I knew why.
And then I realized.
Tonight, while picking up the kid’s play area. We have and always have had too much crap.
From the time I moved out of my house, I have been overloaded with crap. Crap I think I need. Crap I want. Crap I don’t need. Crap I don’t want. But I keep it because making the decision to throw it away is a difficult one. But what if that one toy is the one toy that Marley will miss the most?
What if that one object is the one object that I’ll need when I want to redecorate? What if that one set of plates is the set of plates that I’ll need when all the others breaks?
I don’t know. It’s not logical. And I’ve been saying for months that I’m going to just get rid of it all… And tomorrow – I think I really will. I’m going to unplug and do some massive renovations. Clear out the closets of crap we haven’t used since we moved. Organize the crap we have.
And mostly just clean up and make the house livable again…

Wish me luck.


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