No Impact Man

May 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

So, I am a huge fan of documentary films. I feel they are a way to see into a part of the world that I previously did not have access to. And I know that I am looking through the eyes of the director/writer/who-ever but that’s okay. Most times documentary films make me think, as I am pretty sure that is the goal of a documentary film.

So I watched this film – No Impact Man which was an ok movie. Kind of lame, kind of silly and “look-at-me!” Which is fine because the guy who did this movie is a writer and his job is to sell books. But the premise was this guy (Collin Beavan) was going to try to be “Impact free” – as in reduce his carbon foot print to nothing – for a year. He gradually phased things out until in Month Six he was living without electricity, not using any kind of carbon producing transportation, eating only locally grown organic food and producing absolutely no trash. He did all kinds of things to achieve this from composting to shopping at a farmers market and returning the milk and egg containers for the farmer to reuse!

And all of this got me and (thankfully) Micah thinking. What can we do? I mean if this guy can go a whole SIX months without electricity – and it wasn’t just him, he had a wife and toddler! – Micah and I can do somethings to reduce the way we are adversely affecting our planet. Mostly I think about trash. And just how much trash Micah and I produce. It’s a lot. A full bin EVERY week. For three people. By the end of the months I want to have a paperless/plastic-less kitchen. That is going to be difficult I know – just think about all of the junk in your kitchen that’s plastic, but it’s not good for the environment. The main problem with all of these world saving measures is that a lot of them take some money up front. And money is not something Micah and I are rolling in.

I want my birthday/Mother’s Day present to be two chickens and a chicken coop. Not that this guy got chickens in the movie, but I really don’t like the way the hatchery system in the US works. In Rome our breakfast eggs were orange and when I asked the priest who had lived in Rome for quite some time, he told me that it was because they were farm raised. Only last night did I realize that when chickens don’t see enough sunlight and are deprived a grass-diet, their yolks turn yellow. Our yellow yolks are the direct side-effect of sick chickens!!! How gross and sad is that? Plus it really doesn’t set well with the nouveau-vegetarian in me to be eating eggs when the main reason I don’t eat meat is that the animals are pumped with so many anti-biotics and treated so poorly before being slaughtered. So hopefully by my birthday I will no longer be giving my money to any kind of egg-farmer. How’s that for local and organic?

Other things I want to do include gardening, composting, and getting rid of all of the junk that we have that we don’t need.

I’m working out a timeline to get these goals accomplished by. I am going to jump in. I am going to do this. And it is going to start with a trip to the farmer’s market tomorrow morning 😀


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