Day One of Seven

April 20, 2010 § 1 Comment

So today I started a vegetarian diet!

And by diet, I mean, I cut meat out of my diet – not that I’m trying to lose weight by ceasing to eat meat. I’ve always wanted to try being vegetarian. But there was always one thing that stood in my way. One harmless little thing that ruined it every time. BACON. I could not imagine life without bacon. Not that I eat bacon that often. In fact, I rarely eat it. It’s a pain to cook and so I usually just don’t. But it is delicious. Like top five favorite foods delicious. I could eat a huge plate of bacon every day if someone would cook it for me.

But they don’t, so I don’t. But anyway – I thought that bacon would be a hard thing to overcome. Because what is as good as bacon? Nothing.

But you know what comes close?

Bac-O’s. And I always assumed that Bac-O’s were dried out, dehydrated bacon-y goodness.

LIES. Bac-O’s are a lie. They are not bacon. Or any other kind of meat. They are a VEGAN product!

After learning this, I started to re-evaluate the whole vegetarian thing. I think I can do it now. I really do.

So here’s the deal – I’m giving it seven days. I went grocery shopping and bought some veggies and tofu and spices and sprouts. And we’re going to try a meatless diet. And if I can do it for seven days – I can probably do it for another seven. And then I can probably do it for a month. And then I can probably do it for a year.

And after a year, you’re really vegetarian.

I’m going to try doing this the healthy way. So today – I had peanut butter and jelly for breakfast. I had chow mein and spring rolls for lunch, and I had 2 avocado, tomato, sprout, lettuce, feta cheese sandwiches (that totally rocked my world) and some veggie sticks. I’m not doing vegan. Sorry, feta cheese is too delicious. and I doubt there is any kind of substitute for feta cheese.

anywho – here’s to becoming vegetarian! woohoo! I’m actually really excited about it!

I feel like I’ve been meaning and needing to do this a long time. So now, here we go.


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